Martha Josey - Championship Barrel Racing


Martha Josey - Championship Barrel Racing


How can a pile of old tires improve your time around the barrels? Just ask Martha Josey. One of the leading professional barrel racers in the world, Martha has been capturing top honors since 1964. For nine years she has been named Champion Barrel Racer by professional barrel racing associations throughout the country. Since 1967, Martha and her husband R.E. have operated the famous Josey World Champion Rodeo Schools and Equipment Co. in Carnack, Texas, and have trained thousands of barrel racers.

how does Martha do it? Plenty of hard work, combined with unique training exercises that shape a horse into a winner. She shares her training techniques with you in "Championship Barrel Racing." You'll learn how to put those tires to work training and conditioning your horse. How to approach the barrels, adjust your seat and hands for maximum performance, and mentally prepare for competiion. Martha also gives valuable advice on selection the proper tack for your horse. Everything you need to become a champion yourself!

1. Introduction
2. Barrel Racing Equipments
3. Bending
4. Alley
5. First Barrel
6. Second Barrel
7. Comin' Home
8. Championship Run
9. Feeding & Hauling
10. Conclusion

Length: 45 minutes


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