Martha Josey - Training to Win


Martha Josey - Training to Win


The best way to learn how to win is from a winner. Marth Josey is a winner - one of the winningest barrel racers ever known.

Martha's impressive record of barrel racing wins began in 1964. She's been breaking records ever since - on a number of different horses. In 1985, she was named to the Cowgirl Hall of Fame for her remarkable rodeo career.

In "Training to Win", Martha shares the knowledge she's gained through the years of training and competing on young hourses. She covers selection of the winning horse, explaining the role bloodlines, conformation, athletic ability and attitude have in overall performance. She describes special qualities to look for in your prospective champion.

Conditioning and basic training are also featured in the 55 minute DVD, along with starting the young horse on barrels, correcting problems and preparing for the first competition. This vivid 'show and tell' dvd includes training secrets and how to select the proper equipment. Plus, there's an interesting question and answer session with Martha about the futurity horse.

The video comes with the spirit of competition as Martha demonstrates her winning techniques with live action runs.

"Training to Win", along with Martha's other DVD - "Championship Barrel Racing" - and her best-selling book - "Running to Win" - belongs in the library of anyone interested in the sport of barrel racing and the thrill of winning.

1. Introduction
2. Comformation
3. First Things First
4. Basic Training
5. Initial Barrel Training
6. Correcting Problems
7. Exercise Review
8. Futurity Information
9. Mental Motivations
10. Josey Ballad & Credits

Length: 55 Minutes


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