Ty Murray World Champion - Rodeo Gladiator


Ty Murray World Champion - Rodeo Gladiator

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This is the video you’ve been waiting for. Ty Murray, KING OF THE COWBOYS, is back and he’s riding the Rankest Bulls and the Wildest Broncs like there’s no tomorrow.

There are winners and near winners. But few athletes ever achieve the title CHAMPION. And in the select group of rodeo champions, there is only one Ty Murray!

As far back as anyone can remember, Ty wanted to be a rodeo champion. When he was one year old Ty ‘rode’ his mother’s sewing machine cover. At nine, he was riding steers in junior rodeos and a sixteen, Ty Murray was All-Around Little Britches Champion. By the time Ty was nineteen he had qualified for professional rodeo and won PRCA Rookie of the Year. Just twelve months later Ty Murray became the PRCA All-Around Champion for the first of six times.

Today, Ty Murray has earned his place among the greatest rodeo cowboys in the history of the sport.

Now for the first time ever, rodeo fans can see an extraordinary collection of Ty’s greatest professional rides, along with never before seen pictures and home movies from the personal collection of Ty’s parents, Butch and Joy Murray.

Plus, you’ll hear Ty, in his own words, talk about winning and losing, his love of the sport, and his plans for the future. You’ll also visit his ranch in Stephenville, Texas... The cowboy capital of the world.

And of course you’ll see ‘THE RIDES’... Lots and lots of rides. TY MURRAY WORLD CHAMPION is truly a home video that you’ll watch again and again. Let’s rodeo!

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