National Finals Rodeo - Highlights 1986 - 1990


National Finals Rodeo - Highlights 1986 - 1990


History making National Finals Rodeo Highlights!

1986 - Tuff Hedeman beats out Charles Sampson, Ted Nuce & Lane Frost; Lewis Field, Steve Duhon, Bud Monroe, Chris Lybert, Dave Appleton & Charmayne James are all world champions

1987 - Lane Frost ice'd em in the 10th performance to take home the gold. Also - the year of repeats, 6 out of 7 events plus the All-Around had repeat world champions. Joe Beaver, Bruce Ford & Charmayne James just to name a few.

1988 - Wild action from Marvin Garrett gave him the title in Bareback riding. Dave Appleton brings a new dimension to the All-Around crown & rookie of the year Jim Sharp sets Bullriding on fire by riding ten straight bulls to become the first man in the 30 year history of the NFR to accomplish that feat.

1989 - Ty Murray stole the show and ran off with the All-Around championship - the youngest cowboy ever to do it. Jake & Clay win their 5th title in team roping. Marlene Eddleman & Charmayne James are neck & neck. Tuff Hedeman wraps up his second hold buckle edging out Jim Sharp.

1990 - Chuck Logue, Troy Pruitt, Robert Etbaur, Allen Bach & Doyle Gellerman, Jim Sharp and Charmayne James all take the gold. Ty Murray competes in 3 events and becomes the first to cross the $200,000 annual earnings mark.

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